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The Town of Eliot is subject to a Clean Water Act permit designed to protect waters from stormwater pollution.  The permit is called the General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems.
Stormwater can become polluted in Cities and Towns and can flow untreated into the storm drain system.  The storm drain system discharges directly into waters such as the Piscataqua River, smaller streams or marsh areas.  Normally, the stormwater is not treated. 

Eliot is working hard to protect stormwater from becoming polluted so our waters can remain “fishable and swimmable” for all to enjoy.   

What are all those markings on our Streets? 

Stormwater Drain Marking

In order to raise awareness about reducing stormwater pollution of our waters, the Town and volunteers have been applying stencils to the open grates in the street (like the one in the photo).  It is important for people to realize that these open grates (called storm drains or catch basins) in the streets lead directly to water bodies like the Great Works River, Salmon Falls River, Piscataqua River and eventually to the ocean.  Anything on the streets (wrappers, dirt, cigarette butts, pet waste or any litter) ends up in the catch basins, and can then flow out to the water bodies. 

During those big rain events, even things on our lawns like excess fertilizer or pesticides can end up in the catch basins and water bodies. 

The Town inspects and cleans the catch basins each year – lets keep these drains clean to protect our water bodies and minimize this catch basin cleaning effort. 

For more information, visit  and thanks for keeping our waters clean! 

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