Solar Array Production Data

solar array data

Eliot Solar Arrays

Highway Dept. Garage Array:
The HWD garage array was commissioned on June 12th, 2014. It comprises 165 Canadian Solar 250-watt panel and 4 inverts. Over the last 5 years the array has generated approximately 45,000 kWh per year of electricity. This production will decrease slightly over the years as the panels age. The Town purchased the array in December of 2018 for $43,000. Now all the energy produced will go directly to offsetting electrical usage by Town buildings.

Eliot Town Garage PV System Production Data 

Landfill Solar Array:
The solar array on the Town’s landfill was commissioned on December 20th, 2018. It comprises 384 Hanwha, Q Cell 345 Q Plus L-G4.2 panels rated at 345 watts and 2 inverters. This array is estimated to generate 171,000 kWh annually which will decrease as the panels age to approximately 151,000 kWh in the year 2044.
The array was installed under a Plan Purchase Agreement where the contractor installs and owns the array until the Town purchases it. The earliest that can happen is after 5 years. The price will be determined based on Fair Market Value which is anticipated to be around $196,000.
It is anticipated that the two arrays will generate about 95% or the electricity used by the Town buildingsgne, sewer pumps, parks and stop lights.

Eliot Landfill PV System Production Data