Current Projects

Solar Array Project
In December 2018, a 384-panel photovoltaic solar power array installation over the landfill next to the Transfer station was completed.  The array went online in January 2019 and will supply 95% of the town’s municipal electric needs.  Solar is a clean, renewable, and inexpensive power.  It is anticipated that over $200,000 will be saved in electrical costs over the next 25 years.

Solar Array

LED Street Lights
In 2018, the town voted for the conversion to LED street lights.  LED lights:

  1. Are highly energy efficient – using 15% of the energy of an incandescent bulb
  2. Have reduced maintenance costs because they last up to 100,000 hours
  3. Produce directional light, rather than a diffused glow
  4. Do not produce light pollution by shining light into the sky

An additional bonus is that the LED street lamps were purchased by the town, so the town is no longer leasing CMP fixtures.  It is anticipated that $218,000 will be saved over 20 years by converting the street lights to LED.

LED Streetlights

HVAC at Town Office
The over 30-year old HVAC equipment that was running ineffectively is in the process of being replaced with ductless heat pumps which:

  1. Improved air distribution problems
  2. Uses electricity to run – which will be free and green due to the Landfill Solar Array.
  3. Provides heating and cooling in one unit
  4. Is a system that is easily modified or expanded as needed.

HVAC - Town Office

Highway Garage Ventilation System
The Department of Public Works' garage is not adequately ventilated.  A new ventilation system will be installed in 2019, which will provide a healthier environment for the Department of Public Works employees.

Town Hall Emergency Generator
The town owned a gas operated emergency generator that was not being used.  It was moved and connected to the Town Hall, that will ensure the work of the Town Hall Continues.