Mooring Fee Schedule

Annual mooring fees are established by the Eliot Select Board in accordance with Section X. Fees, (1) of the Town of Eliot Harbor Ordinance, the current fee structure is as follows:

Resident, Non-Commercial: A minimum mooring fee of $40.00 plus $3.00 per foot for every foot over 20 feet

Resident, Commercial:  Fixed Fee of $200.00 

Non-Resident, Non-Commercial:   A minimum mooring fee $80.00 plus $3.00 dollars per foot for every foot over 20 feet

Non-Resident, Commercial:  Fixed Fee of $200.00

Marine Related Business:  Fixed Fee of $200.00

Waiting List Fee:  $0

Late Fee:  $25.00

Please be prepared to pay your mooring fee at the time you renew your mooring permit. During office hours cash, checks and debit/credit cards are accepted for payment. Use of a debit/credit card does add a 2.5% portal fee to the total amount due. If the Clerk's Office is not open at the time of renewal, only checks will be accepted for payment.

No Exceptions will be allowed.

All boat owners who have boats registered in a state other than Maine as well as owners of documented boats are subject to pay a State of Maine Excise Tax to the Tax Collector of the Town that the boat is moored or docked. This is done at the Town Clerk’s Office.

*For those that have applied for a mooring and are currently on the mooring waiting list, please be aware that you must re-file annually by May 1st to remain on the list.