Focus Areas of Ecological Significance

The Eliot Conservation Commission is dedicated to protecting and conserving those special places in our town that are important ~ both for the ecological services they provide and for the visual and recreational pleasures they bring to residents here in Eliot. As such, we are working toward maintaining an ongoing dialogue with residents about the work that we do. The informational pamphlets distributed in town and made available on this website (see below) focus on our local areas of ecological significance.  The aread have been identified by residents via survey as important areas that should be protected. In these pamphlets you will find basic information about each of the major areas of concern, as well as suggestions for what people can do to help, and where to go for further information.
The Conservation Commission also has a Facebook page where anyone can share their thoughts, concerns or questions. This is our town. Our land. We want to make sure that we all do what we can to ensure that it is a town that retains its charm and beauty to which future generations will be drawn~ proud to call Eliot their home.

~ Eliot Conservation Commission

Informational Pamphlets