Rules For The Eliot Transfer Station

  • The Town Clerk shall keep a record of each hang tag permit issued with the name, address, vehicle registration number and any other information deemed appropriate. When applying for a hang tag permit, please show the registration for the vehicle on which you wish to display the sticker.
  • If your vehicle is not registered in Eliot, the name on the registration must be the same as the name in your Eliot address.
  • No vehicle registered to an out-of-town (or out-of-state) business will be issued a permit.
  • Vehicles leased to an Eliot resident or Eliot business may obtain a permit if they supply the lease agreement, registration and Eliot address.
  • The Eliot Municipal vehicles shall be EXEMPT from stickers.
  • Any designated dumping area such as brush, ash, metal, oil, etc., shall be for the designated material only.
  • Any vehicle not properly displaying a current hang tag permit shall not be allowed to dump any material at the facility. Permits must be displayed as a hang tag on the rear view mirror when using the transfer station / recycling facility. A violation of any lawful order by the attendant shall be a violation of this ordinance. 
  • Non-compliance with the above rules is subject to Article 106.1 of the Solid Waste and Landfill ordinance.
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