Eliot Seeking Members for the Eliot Building Committee

Volunteers Needed

The Town is seeking five Regular Members and two Alternate Members to serve on a temporary ad hoc committee to study the office and meeting space needs of the Town – specifically the Town Hall and Community Service Department functions. At this time, the Police Station, Fire Station and Public Works facilities are all adequate. See Committee By-Laws attached below.

We anticipate the term of the committee will be about 18 months, to meet one time each month (remotely for the time being.  Each meeting will likely be about 1.5 hours and will begin in the early evening on a week day (5:30 or 5:00 pm). Ultimately, the Committee will make a report of recommendations to the Select Board.

Candidates with backgrounds in engineering, architecture, building trades, surveying, building management, HVAC, etc. would be ideal, but anyone with an interest is welcomed to apply. Applications are being accepted through the end of June, 2020. See Application Form attached below.