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*Updated 06/22/2020: Town, SAD #35 & State Sample Ballots. List of Declared Write-In Candidates & Additional Voter Information Added
Election 2020

Tuesday, July 14th  
              Opening Ceremonies @ 7:30am
              Polls Open from 8:00am to 8:00pm

Where:  Marshwood Middle School Gymnasium

Annual Town Meeting Election / Referendum Warrant
Notice of Select Board Public Hearing on Referendum Material
Town Sample Ballot
Official List of Declared Write-In Candidates
See Proposed Town Ordinances and Amendments to Ordinances under
"Proposed Ordinance Material". *link to Town Meeting & Election Page

MSAD #35 Budget Referendum Warrant
MSAD #35 Sample Ballot 
Message from MSAD #35

State Notice of Election
State Democratic Primary Sample Ballot
State Republican Primary Sample Ballot
State Referendum Sample Ballot
Treasurers Statement

State Primary Election Reminders:  To receive a primary ballot you must be enrolled in either the Democratic or Republican Party.  The deadline to change your enrollment from one party to another is Monday, June 29th by the close of business (1:30pm *COVID-19 Schedule).  Voters that are not currently enrolled in a party may enroll anytime prior to the election at the Town Clerk's Office or on Election Day at the Registrar Table prior to receiving ballots. 

Absentees Ballots are now available at the Town Clerk's Office. *See Absentee Ballot Application attached below.  Absentee ballots for this election can be requested up to and including on Election Day as the 3-day prior requirment was waived by the Governor due to COVID-19.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available








July 14th Election Message from Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap