2020 Important Dates for Voting

➢  02/03/2020: Absentee Ballots available for March Election

➢  02/12/2020: Closed Period Starts - You must register to vote in person after this date

➢  02/14/2020: Last day to change parties - You must remain in party for 105 days

➢  02/27/2020: Last day to request an absentee ballot

➢  02/28/2020: Nomination Papers available for June Election @ Clerk’s Office

➢  03/03/2020: Presidential Primary and State Special Referendum Election

➢  03/30/2020: Citizen’s Option Meeting/Public Hearing at MMS at 7:00 pm

➢  04/10/2020: Nomination Papers must be returned by 1:00pm to the Clerk’s Office

➢  04/10/2020: Notification of Write-In Candidacy Deadline, 1:00 pm to the Clerk’s Office

➢  06/25/2020: Public Hearing (Town Election material), 7:00 pm at Town Office *subject to change due to COVID-19

➢  06/15/2020: Absentee Ballots available for July Election

➢  05/13/2020: SAD#35 District Budget Meeting, 7:00 pm at MHS Auditorium

➢  07/14/2020: Election Day- Polls open 8:00am-8:00pm at Marshwood Middle School

*If you are unsure how you are registered to vote call the Town Clerk's Office  @ 207-439-1817 or stop by any time during normal business hours.